Tree Inventory

Mount Holly EAC, Chair

Kristin Savage

Environment Committee Secretary

Kayla Wallace


Mount Holly Urban Trees

Currently, Mount Holly does not have an official Shade Tree Committee.  The Mount Holly Environmental Committee (EAC) is acting as the interim Shade Tree Committee.

Recently the EAC was approved for its second 5-year Community Forestry Management Plan, CFMP (2017-2022) by the NJ  Forestry Service.  As part of the initial CFMP, a CSIP grant of $20,000 was awarded to the EAC to conduct a Tree Inventory and to remove numerous hazardous street trees. The current CFMP and the results of the Urban Tree Inventory can be viewed using links provided on the right of this page.  The Tree Inventory was updated in 2017 and the information was uploaded into the free I-Tree online assessment tool.  I-Tree is a state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed software suite from the USDA Forest Service that provides urban and rural forestry analysis and benefits assessment tools.

In 2016, the EAC developed a Tree Protection Ordinance and Tree Removal Permit Application, which is required for minor /major development applications or  when a resident is planning to remove three (3) or more trees greater than 12 inches in diameter from their property.

In 2017, the EAC completed a demonstration project, "Operation Green Sidewalk" which was funded by a $10,000 grant from Sustainable Jersey. As part of this project several different porous materials were installed as sidewalk replacement in areas where large street trees had damaged the concrete sidewalk.  These materials are being tested as alternative sidewalk materials to provide a safe sidewalk as well as to save and protect our urban street trees.

In 2018, the EAC/Shade Tree Committee secured $30,000 DEP Urban Forestry Community Stewardship Grant to plant 80 new Street Trees as enhance the Urban Canopy.  Look for new trees in the spring of 2019.

Additional information on all these recent accomplishments are provided in the links below.  For anyone interested in being involved with the Mt Holly Shade Tree initiative please contact Randi Rothmel.