General Building Information

If you are building, remodeling, or adding onto your house or business, it must be done in accordance with the State Uniform Construction Code and generally requires a building permit. Visit or call the Construction Department during the planning stages of your project, well before you begin construction, to make sure your are proceeding according to Code and do not need to appear before the Planning/Zoning Board. An early visit will eliminate unnecessary delays in completing your project. For example, if you are creating a non-conforming use, you will be required to apply for a variance from the Zoning Board.

You may need to survey your lot and provide copies of your plans to the Construction Department, especially if it is a large project. All completed construction permit applications must include a copy of the proposal for the project. When your plans are complete, the appropriate inspector will examine them and may ask for changes to comply with the Code. These changes may involve such things as using different building materials or using different building methods.

Make sure your contractor or builder calls 1-800-272-1000 to make sure all underground utilities are marked out before they do any digging. This will eliminate the possibility of the contractor inadvertently hitting water, electric, or cable lines and possibly knocking out service. Three working days notice in advance of digging is required.

Once you have met the requirements for a construction permit and paid the applicable fee, the construction permit is issued and construction can begin. During construction you will receive routine on-site inspections to insure your project is progressing in a safe and reliable way. A final inspection is required when the job is complete. If the project is completed in accordance with Code, the Construction Official will issue a certificate of occupancy or certificate of approval.