Police Department Directory

Name Email Phone
Chief Richard W. Spitler (609) 845-1192
Christine Cain,
Assistant to Chief of Police
ccain@twp.mountholly.nj.us (609) 845-1192
Captain Cliff Spencer

Lieutenant Nicholas Lalena



(609) 864-2202

(609) 864-2231

DSgt Scott Bayley sbayley@twp.mountholly.nj.us (609) 864-2136
Sergeant Thomas Greenwich tgreenwich@twp.mountholly.nj.us
Sergeant Greg Walters gwalters@twp.mountholly.nj.us
Sergeant Matthew Egler megler@twp.mountholly.nj.us
PO Deborah Murillo dmurillo@twp.mountholly.nj.us
PO Jana Loehr jloehr@twp.mountholly.nj.us
PO Carlos Cruz ccruz@twp.mountholly.nj.us
SRO Craig Thompson,
RVRHS Resource Officer
cthompson@twp.mountholly.nj.us (609) 267-0830 Ext. 3516
LO Stephen Ahrens ahrens@twp.mountholly.nj.us
Detective Nicholas Dell-Priscoli ndellpriscoli@twp.mountholly.nj.us (609) 864-2409
LO Jeffery Perro jperro@twp.mountholly.nj.us
PO Matthew Kline mkline@twp.mountholly.nj.us
Detective Jacob Kapulskey - FARS contact jkapulskey@twp.mountholly.nj.us (609) 864-2344
SRO Robert Blocker

Mount Holly Schools SRO

rblocker@twp.mountholly.nj.us (609) 267-7200 Ext. 6504
PO Thomas Fenton tfenton@twp.mountholly.nj.us
PO Francis Shaw fshaw@twp.mountholly.nj.us
PO Gene Simpson esimpson@twp.mountholly.nj.us
PO Luke Adams ladams@twp.mountholly.nj.us
PO Angelo Prince aprince@twp.mountholly.nj.us
PO Brandon Bergen bbergen@twp.mountholly.nj.us
SLEO II Paul Craig pcraig@twp.mountholly.nj.us
SLEO II Brandon Gonteski bgonteski@twp.mountholly.nj.us
SLEO I Andrew Horner ahorner@twp.mountholly.nj.us
SLEO I Blake Oltman boltman@twp.mountholly.nj.us
SLEO I Angelina Esposito aesposito@twp.mountholly.nj.us
SLEO I Ariana Clue aclue@twp.mountholly.nj.us
SLEO I Brandt Fordham bfordham@twp.mountholly.nj.us
SLEO I Aldo Uz-Barragan auz@twp.mountholly.nj.us
Mary Penny, Records

Discovery, BWC, OPRA Requests

mpenny@twp.mountholly.nj.us (609) 845-1190
Althea Mcllwee, Records

Firearms Permits, Tow Slips

amcilwee@twp.mountholly.nj.us (609) 864-2445