Resident Parking Only Information

Mount Holly Township Municipal Code

§ 259-39  Resident Parking Only

A. Parking on any streets or parts thereof described in Schedule XXIV (§ 265-65), attached to and made a part of this chapter, shall be limited to automobiles owned, operated or in possession of said resident-owner or tenant or owned, operated or in the possession of an invited guest of a resident-owner or tenant of any property abutting said streets or parts thereof and displaying an authorized parking card or decal. Decals issued for visitors shall be limited to a maximum of two for each property-owner or tenant.

B. Issuance of decal; term. The office of the Chief of Police shall issue one card or decal to each such resident-owner or tenant and two visitor decals or cards for each such resident-owner or tenant. Such parking permits shall be renewed annually from the date of initial issuance.

Residents requiring a parking permit should complete the Resident Parking Permit Application and bring it, along with your driver's license and registration to the Police Records Department located on the second floor of the Municipal Building.

For a the list of Resident Parking Only areas, please click here.

Note:  A valid driver's license and registration reflecting your current address will be required to obtain a Resident Only Parking Decal.  Each decal issued is only valid for the vehicle to which it is registered.