Mount Holly 2022 Fishing Tournament

Welcome to the Mount Holly 2022 Fishing Tournament.  Please fill out the below form if you are interested in participating.  The Tournament is on Saturday, June 4th 6:30am-noon

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I hereby waive and release all other contestants, the host, the sponsors, and tournament officials from all claims of injury and/or damage incurred in conjunction with this tournament. I further understand and agree that I will forfeit my entry if I fail to appear at the specific time.

Rules:All Participants can fish anywhere in NJ, land or boat.Catch and Release- DO NOT BRING YOUR CATCH ONSITETAKE Photo of your catch. WE WILL NOT MEASURE AND WEIGHAny fish species counts as a catch.All participants 18 and under must be registered to be eligible for trophy.No trophies for certain species type or townshipMEET at Iron Works Park by 12 PM for snacks and trophiesLife Vests or floatation devices must be in your possession.NJ Fish and Game Laws and Coast Guard Regulations will be obeyed.Social Distancing and masks are mandatory.You must be 18 years of age or be accompanied by an adult.