Clerk's Office

Powers and duties of Municipal Clerk:

  • Serves as Clerk of the Township Council, keeps minutes and records of its proceedings, maintains and compiles Ordinances and Resolutions.
  • Execute all Ordinances and all Resolutions of a permanent character in books to be provided for that purpose. After the passage of each Ordinance, the clerk shall also publish, seal and certify the proof of publication thereof as required by law.
  • Have and take custody of all official books, papers and documents of the Township for which no other repository is provided, and preserve and keep them safely.
  • Administer the licensing provisions of the Township Ordinances
  • Chief Administrator of all elections held in the municipality.

Dog Licenses

Per NJ State Statues, all dogs must be licensed annually.  The Clerk's Office mails renewal notices in early January for all dogs registered the previous year.  The annual fee is $15 + an additional $3 if a dog is not neutered/spayed. Proof of rabies vaccines are also required with a duration of immunity which extends through the tenth month of the calendar year.  Pet owners who own more than two dogs must pay an additional $100.00 fee for each additional dog over two. 

Licenses for the next calendar year cannot be issued until that calendar year (ex. 2018 licenses cannot be issued in 2017). Licenses must be obtained by the last day in February each year. A late fee of $15 will be assessed for licenses purchased after that date. Please click HERE for application.

Licenses can be obtained by mail or in the Clerk's Office, located on the 3rd Floor of the Municipal Building. We accept cash and check only.  

Please notify this office if you move or if your dog has passed away so that we may update our records.

Raffle/Bingo Permits

Any non-profit organization that wishes to hold a raffle/50-50/Chinese Auction/Bingo, etc. in Mount Holly must obtain a permit. Organizations must be registered with the New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission. When applying for a raffle permit, please allow at least four weeks for the process to be completed once the application has been submitted to the Township Clerk's office. A Police investigation is required before the Municipal Clerk can approve. After approval, applications are then forwarded to the NJ State Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission. There is a fifteen day waiting period after the application is submitted to the LGCCC before the permit will be granted.

Voter Registration & Elections

Residents of Mount Holly Township 18 years of age and older are eligible to vote in any local, County, State and Federal elections.   Elections are overseen by the Burlington County Board of Elections. Residents may click HERE to download a Voter Registration Application; vote by mail (absentee ballots) or obtain party affiliation forms. These forms are also available in the Clerk's Office in the Municipal Building.

If you are registered to vote and are unsure where your polling place is located, please use this link:

Open Public Records Requests (OPRA)

The Clerk's Office processes all request for copies of any Township records.  Click HERE to obtain the Request Form Application.  Please note that State law allows Mount Holly Township up to (7) business days to accommodate requests. 

Other Permits & Licenses

The Clerk's Office also processes Road Opening Permit applications, Fowl Licenses , Special Event applications, Amusement Licenses, Taxicab Operator and Owners permits, etc.  Please click HERE for all other permit and license forms.    

Notary Services are also available for residents for free.  


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Contact Information

Township Clerk
Sherry Marnell, RMC/CMR
Phone: (609) 845-1101  

Office Clerk

Kayla Wallace, CMR

Phone: (609) 845-1151

Office Clerk

Melissa White

Phone: 609-845-1103